QC1.0-QC4.0 rapid evolution of the road

Time: 2018-01-08
QC1.0: voltage and current increased to 5V2A, charging time reduced by 40%

Times continue to move forward, the big screen smart phones began to erupt, battery life can not keep up, fast charge into a manufacturer to enhance the user experience one of the magic, so QC2.0 was born.

QC2.0: Compared to the old standard, QC2.0 epoch-making changes in the charging voltage from the regular 5V for many years to 9V / 12V / 20V, maintaining the same with the QC1.0 2A current to achieve a large 18W Power and power transmission, and the wire does not require special treatment of old wire can be universal.

Increase the voltage, the power is up, the efficiency has dropped. Each voltage increase a file, about 10% reduction in efficiency, most of these energy into heat, so almost no one 20V voltage stalls used only retained 5V, 9V, 12V three files. Even so hot is not good, Qualcomm also think 5V to 9V step step too much, a little pulled to the egg, so you can constantly adjust to 0.2V units until you find the most suitable voltage, how much the most appropriate voltage? Qualcomm has its own unique Voltage Intelligent Negotiation (INOV) algorithm, which is QC3.0.

QC3.0: On the basis of QC2.0 9V / 12V two-step voltage, further subdivided voltage file, using a unique INOV algorithm to 200mV for a file to set the voltage, the lowest can be dropped to 3.6V maximum voltage of 20V, and Backward compatible with QC2.0. Due to full use of Type-c interface to replace the original MicroUSB interface, the maximum current is also raised to 3A, because the voltage is lower so the efficiency up to 38%, charging speed increased by 27%, heat decreased by 45%.

QC3.0 is good, but Google does not agree, ah, you set up a Qualcomm how to do a single line, with my system you must give me a USB PD protocol, arms twist, but thighs, Qualcomm soft, and the introduction of QC4.0.

QC4.0: Raise power again to 28W, and add USB PD support. Canceled 12V voltage file, 5V maximum output 5.6A, 9V maximum output 3A, and the voltage file continue to subdivide to 20mV for a file.

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