The United States announces the imposition of steel-aluminium tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union.

Time: 2018-06-01
BB News on the 25th of January, the United States announced that it imposed an additional 25% steel tariff and a 10% aluminum tariff on its major trading partners Canada, Mexico, and the European Union, effective from midnight on the 1st of June EDT (12 p.m. Beijing time). . Subsequently, the European Union, Mexico and Canada immediately stated that they will take retaliatory measures. European Union President Juncker said that the EU will take retaliatory actions against the US steel and aluminum tariffs and will impose additional tariffs on hundreds of US products. Mexico’s economy minister said that next week it will announce reciprocal retaliatory actions against multiple US products and does not rule out the possibility of resorting to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said that Canada will take revenge on tariff issues. In addition, Japan’s main trading partner and allies Japan has not been exempted from steel and aluminum duties, and relevant additional duties will continue to be implemented.

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